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Dumpling Sisters

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The Dumpling Sisters have been on a food journey that spans China, New Zealand and London. Amy and Julie started exploring Cantonese cuisine at their parents’ food cart in New Zealand, where they were surrounded by the delicious flavours, scents and smells of traditional Chinese cooking.

Their flavourful childhood inspired them to keep exploring, and the Dumpling Sisters have since discovered a world of pan-Asian flavour, building a loyal following and writing a cookbook filled with tasty recipes along the way.

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Now, Amy and Julie are here to help get you wok-ready for Thai New Year. They have created a series of recipes with tasty twists on your Thai favourites to help you to celebrate the festival, Songkran style!

Vegetable Green Curry Fried Rice

A Thai celebration wouldn’t be complete without curry and the Dumpling Sisters have come up with three tasty twists to satisfy your curry craving. Their recipe for Vegetable Green Curry Fried Rice combines two Friday night favourites, green curry and fried rice, to make one delicious dish. Packed with the flavour of our Thai Green Curry Paste and served with beansprouts, red peppers and green beans this rice dish is a crunchy and spicy surprise.

Crispy Sweet Chilli Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are a must for any Songkran celebration! Dumpling Sisters have packed their recipe for Sweet Chilli Crispy Spring Rolls with a juicy combo of pork mince, fresh spring onion and ginger all held together with sticky Sweet Chilli Sauce and served with a tangy side dip.

Red Salmon Curry

If you fancy a milder Thai curry hit, try Amy and Julie’s take on a Red Salmon Curry and explore the, creamy and tangy tastiness of Thai food. The tender salmon mingling with fragrant lemongrass and coriander will leave your mouth watering!

Beef & Potato Massaman Curry

The definition of a tasty Thai curry in a hurry, the Dumpling Sister’s Beef & Potato Massaman Curry has all the flavour of the traditional dish in a speedy stir fry. Served with fluffy rice it’s the perfect way to round out your Thai New Year feast.

So, heat up your wok and get ready to go on a Songkran flavour adventure with the Dumpling Sisters and Blue Dragon.