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Between the countless restaurants, markets and street food stalls, Vietnam’s bustling city streets are filled with delicious sights and scents. People gather around food carts to grab tasty meals and snacks; while at night, roadsides are jam-packed with young and old enjoying a meal and catching up on their day. Eating isn’t just a habit in Vietnam: it’s a social ritual! So gather the gang, grab your chopsticks and recreate these delicious Vietnamese dishes at home.

Banh Mi

This French-influenced street stall favourite has exploded from its humble beginnings into a cult dish, today recreated all over the world. A light, crunchy, crusty baguette made with rice and wheat flour is the base of this tasty sandwich. It’s usually filled with juicy pork meat, rich pate or Vietnamese sausage, along with pickled carrot, cucumber or chillies. Our version of Banh Mi features succulent prawn patties, fried in minutes to create a tasty, juicy filling. Layer them inside a fresh white baguette for a roll like no other. Delish!


Fresh, hearty and aromatic, a steaming bowl of Pho is a mouthwatering experience! Like Pad Thai is to Thailand, Pho is considered Vietnam’s most prized recipe export. Why not warm up a winter’s evening with this nourishing and filling dish? A big bowl of goodness, Pho is made up of flat rice noodles swimming in a light, flavoursome broth filled with succulent strips of meat, usually beef or steak. Pho typically takes up to half a day to cook – but ours is a little quicker! Add a traditional touch favoured in the south and serve an extra plate of herbs and spices alongside your soup, for everyone to customise the taste to their fancy. Sweet, spicy or both, you’ll find a way to make Pho a favourite!

Nuoc Cham

If it’s just a tiny taste of Vietnam that you’re after, whip up some Nuoc Cham, a traditional dipping sauce staple. A balance of salty, spicy and sweet, it’s ready in a flash and guaranteed to give any dish a kick! Serve it with some veggie Vietnamese Summer Rolls for a light and tasty starter. These quick and crunchy crowd pleasers don’t need to be deep fried, so can be ready in minutes without any cooking.

Experience these flavoursome favourites of Vietnam in your own kitchen – and keep exploring!