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Join Blue Dragon on a culinary journey of exploration & discovery through modern Asia. The amazing sights, sounds, smells & tastes inspire each product in our range, making it easy to recreate incredible Asian flavour in your kitchen.

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We all have our favourites, the flavours and tastes we stick to. With Blue Dragon, you can explore the full range of authentic Asian flavours. So why not satisfy your sense of adventure and try something different?

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These are more than just recipes. Each of these dishes is a new path to follow, a new world of flavour to savour. Feed your curiosity and sample a new taste adventure tonight.

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Season and Stir Fry

A great way to create an Asian meal bursting with flavours. We love finding ways to help you make stir fry dishes that taste delicious. Our new Season & Stir Fry range has two parts: First, use our unique seasoning mix to marinate your meat or veggies and then, once cooked, drizzle our delicious stir fry sauce into the wok to make a stir fry that tastes amazing!

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