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Bring Tokyo to your Kitchen

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Japanese flavour is flourishing from Tokyo to London! Whether you’re slurping soba noodles or tucking into a sumptuous salmon sushi bowl, there’s a Japanese dish for everyone. We have the recipes you need to turn your kitchen into a traditional restaurant-style Izakaya for the night.

Crispy and delicious, Katsu Curry is a favourite all over the world! We’ve swapped traditional tonkatsu (pork curry) for chicken, but it’s still filled with flavour! Flaky panko breadcrumbs and rich curry sauce make this dish a crunchy and indulgent treat. Serve with sticky rice and Japanese pickles for an authentically tasty dinner
Our recipe for Chicken and Prawn Yakisoba will transport you to the busy Yatai food stalls of Fukuoka in a flash. Serving less than ten people at a time, these mini-restaurants are packed every night. So skip the queue and make the real thing for yourself at home. Leave the cutlery in the drawer and grab some chop sticks to experience this dish like a local.
A bona fide bowl-full of flavour, our recipe for Salmon Teriyaki Sushi Rice Bowls has all of the taste of your favourite sushi roll, without the fuss! With sticky rice, sweet salmon, baby spinach and black sesame seeds this dish will bowl your friends over with Japanese flavour. So grab your chop sticks gather your friends and say cheers! or ‘kampai’! It’s time to explore the flavours of Japan.