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Celebrate Chinese New Year from anywhere in the world!

Don’t miss the biggest celebration in the Chinese calendar! Kick off the Year of the Dog with some taste twists on traditional dishes that will bring luck to you and your loved ones.

Like most Asian festivals, food and family time play an important role. The traditional Reunion Dinner held on the eve of Chinese New Year is the most important meal of the year for Chinese families. Several generations sit around and enjoy delicious meals while spending time together. Dishes are served because they have lucky meanings, such as dumplings, fish and spring rolls.

Why not make your own luck and whip up our Spring Onion and Mushroom Spring Rolls? Filled with juicy mushrooms, rice noodles and oyster sauce, these are super easy to make and will go down a treat with friends and family!

Or if you’re feeling fancy and want to impress, try Chinese Barbeque Pork. Pork is thought to bring strength, wealth and blessings, and the light, slightly sweet and seriously sticky marinade on this tender roast pork will definitely leave guests feeling blessed.

If you feel in need of a little extra luck during the celebrations, go for red! The colour red is considered lucky and is incredibly significant during festivals, weddings and other important events. During Chinese New Year, red envelopes containing money are given as gifts and it is the red wrapping that brings happiness and blessings to the receivers. It’s also just as important that you don’t forget Chinese New Year taboos! Don’t sweep or put out any rubbish, don’t wash any clothes and don’t do any needlework. It’s also really important you don’t wear any black, as it’s considered the colour of mourning. These acts are all thought to bring bad luck.

The celebrations for Chinese New Year last for days and traditionally end with the Lantern Festival. While the festivities continue, why not experiment with lots of different Chinese flavours? Try some Hoisin Duck Flatbreads to bring health into the new year. This rich and juicy dish will leave everyone wanting more. Or why not rustle up a Stir Fry with your favourite Chinese flavours and any veggies you fancy?

No matter where you are in the world, Keep Exploring Chinese New Year with friends and family and experience the unique festivities that surround this special time of year.