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Want to know how to eat Asian noodles like a pro? Blue Dragon has got you covered.
We’ve travelled to Japan, Vietnam and Thailand to not only bring the best noodle dishes to your kitchen, but also to help you to enjoy them like a local.
Just follow our tips and tricks and you’ll be eating Ramen, Pad Thai and Pho like a pro in no time!


Ramen is a tasty bowlful of noodles, swimming in beautiful broth with lots of meat and veggies: yum! With the Blue Dragon Ramen Noodle Kit, you can enjoy this Japanese comfort food at home. All you have to do is…


Before you go digging for your noodles, take some time to taste the broth. We’ve packed a lot of flavour into our Ramen Noodle Kit and by sipping the broth you can see if you would like to add some extra seasoning or heat to kick it up a notch. Don’t worry about table manners, in Japan it’s perfectly acceptable to raise the bowl to your mouth and take a satisfying sip!


Now it’s time for noodles. Make sure you dip your noodles back into your delicious broth before you take a mouthful! Try to pick up your meat and veggies at the same time – they’re meant to be enjoyed together!


Your mum may have told you not to slurp your food, but for Ramen, you can make an exception. Slurping this dish helps to make sure you taste the full flavour of the broth and the noodles. Go on, make some noise!


Pad Thai is a sweet, salty and tangy noodle dish from Thailand. Blue Dragon Pad Thai Noodle Kit is vegan friendly, so you can enjoy it with veggies, prawns or chicken. To make it your own, just…


Tailor your Pad Thai to your taste buds! Before you tuck in, add a zesty squeeze of fresh lime, some extra chilli heat or some salty peanuts.


Struggle with chopsticks? Then Pad Thai is for you. The traditional way to eat it is just like pasta. Use your spoon as a base to twirl the noodles around your fork to give you the perfect parcel of tangy noodle goodness.


Now that your noodles are perfectly seasoned and tantalisingly twirled, it’s time to taste!


Before you learn to eat Vietnamese Pho like a pro, you need to be able to pronounce it. “Pho” actually sounds like “fuh”, rather than “fo”. Now, when you use the Blue Dragon Vietnamese Pho Noodle Kit you can wow everyone with your culinary know-how! To make the most of it, simply…


Pho is an aromatic dish packed with tasty ingredients and trimmings like gently spiced stock, rice noodles, meat, sweet basil and chillies. To make the most of all those flavours, stir it all around so that they blend together. Delicious!


Personalise your Pho by adding some spice! Sprinkle the herbs and spices in the Noodle Kit to really give your Pho some flavour. You could also drizzle in some Blue Dragon Sriracha or finely chopped red chillies to really add some heat to every mouthful.


The flavours are blended and the bowl is packing heat: time to scoff those noodles! Make sure you have a bit of everything between your chopsticks and enjoy!