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Become a Veggie Stir Fry Superstar!

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Get that wok smoking hot! It’s time to stir fry your way to your five a day. Stir fry is a great way to bring your favourite veggies to life thanks to the ‘wok-hei’, which literally means “breath of the wok” and refers to the delicious and unique smoky flavours a charred hot wok gives a stir fry. A hot wok and some Asian flavour can transform your veggies into a sizzling and authentic taste adventure.
Don’t be afraid to try new things. Tofu is a versatile and nutritious ingredient that’s packed with protein. It’s never tasted as good as it does in our Salt & Pepper 5 Spice Tofu. The 5 spice mix gives it a crispy, salty and spicy coating that perfectly complements the sweet and tender stir fried veg. If you’re looking for extra veggies in this recipe, be sure to add firmer veg like peppers, carrots and broccoli first as they take a little longer to get nice and tender, and softer veg like aubergines later on so they don’t over-cook. Once your stir fry is sorted, dunk it all in the rich peanut sauce, delicious!
Stir Fry Greens with Black Bean Sauce is quick, delicious and filled with the savoury and salty flavours of our expertly blended Black Bean Sauce. Who knew lettuce and green beans could be so satisfying? The shitake mushrooms give it authentic Asian flavour, and are said to be an immunity-booster, bonus! We like this dish served with sticky Jasmine rice for a fluffy and filling tasty dinner.

Why not rock your wok with some Tofu roasted in Chow Mein Sauce? This recipe is filled with crunchy favourites like carrots and broccoli, as well as Asian flavour-boosters like pak choi. To make sure all of your delicious veggies keep their goodness locked-in, cut them to the same size so they cook evenly. Then serve with the Chow Mein roasted tofu and our Wholewheat Noodles.

Did you know – many of our Blue Dragon Stir Fry Sauces are VEGAN FRIENDLY, so you can enjoy all the flavours and spices of Asia in your kitchen. A little short on time and stuck for vegetarian inspiration?

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