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Our favourite way to cut a pepper


Peppers are a central ingredient in Asian cuisine. And, because we are suckers for consistency, crunchy peppers and aesthetically pleasing meals - we cut our peppers like this. Every time.

First top and tail the pepper. Then slice around the core and finally slice along the inside. This gives you even strips every time – and it helps with the clean-up too, as the full core and seeds can be discarded in one.
Now it’s time to master your knife skills. Practice with these seriously tasty meals.

Chicken Satay
We go nuts for this! Try this sweet and nutty satay stir fry, with juicy chicken and crunchy peppers.

Chow Mein noodles with pork
Chow Mein is a classic. There’s no need for a takeaway with this noodle stir fry. Packed with fresh flavours and juicy pork – mouth-watering!
Sweet chilli and garlic stir fry
This stir fry is full of flavour, spice and a whole lot of sweet crunchy vegetables. Swap out the meat with tofu for a winning vegetarian alternative. We’re sure this will become a staple!
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