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Vietnamese Prawn Summer Rolls

These summer rolls (so called because they are not deep-fried) are so quick and easy to make, an ideal starter for a banquet or a fresh light meal.

Prep: 15 mins
Cook: 0 mins
Serves: 4
    • 200g cooked king prawns
    • 40g rice noodles
    • 50g iceberg lettuce, chopped
    • 1 packet Blue Dragon Spring Roll Wrappers
    • A handful of chopped mint and coriander
    • Nuoc Cham or Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce, for dipping
    1. To make the summer rolls, take a rice wrapper and dip it in a bowl of warm water until it becomes limp. Spread the circle onto a plate. The rice wrapper will become tacky as it dries, so this will ensure the whole roll will stick together. Delicately wrap as they can easily rip.
    2. In the centre place some of the rice noodles and prawns then arrange some chopped lettuce on top. Then very carefully fold over both sides, so they are neatly overlapping or touching in the centre. Then, you need to pull the bottom edge over the filling until the beginnings of a tight roll or ‘cigar’ is formed, and roll away from you, finishing with the far edge sticking to the roll.
    3. Continue to make these until all parts have been used up. Serve sliced in half, with the filling exposed and with some Nuoc Cham Sauce or Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli sauce.